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Out of the blue

Seeing as it’s a year since I posted regularly here I thought I’d try again. I’ve been mucking around training a little here and there but spending most of the last year being either ill or injured. It seems like I’m mostly injury-free now so I’ll try to get back to regular workouts pretty soon. Knees are still a bit dodgy but they’ll get better once I start some regular squatting. I’ll restart Stronglifts from scratch for at least a couple of months to gauge how badly I’ve let myself go, then we’ll see what happens.


I suxxors at blogging

Fast and Furious

So I’ve spent most of the last few weeks at the dentists fixing a few things. So far two sturdy wisdom teeth and a root canal done. Still some more stuff to do. This is what happens when you don’t go to the dentist regularly kids. I’ve probably taken more painkillers these last few weeks than in the previous five years all together.

In between this I’ve managed to pull off a TKD grading, my first in almost three years. Didn’t feel ready for it, but was rather sick of being “almost ready” so I figured if I put enough effort in, the lack of skill wouldn’t be so obvious 🙂 As it happened I ended up being complimented on technical proficiency by the examiner, so it couldn’t have been that awful.

Now that all this is mostly over I’m ready to return to regular training. I’ll keep doing the stronglifts program thrice a week for a while longer, but I need to add some metcon as well.

Yeah yeah,

I’m still here. Have a few workouts to log as well. The last week has been even weirder than usual, but as long as I remember to breathe I’m ok.

Heading out now to spend the day at a TKD comp. Was supposed to compete again, but once more this feeble excuse for a body has failed me. Oh well, refereeing is almost as much fun. I’ts gonna be a blast!

Updates too numerous to number

So the last ten days just melted into a flurry of work and crap and other stuff. Got my workouts in though, which is worthy of a pat on the back. Will try to sum up in this post.

Sunday Feb 22. Stronglifts #17

Did an hour-and-a-half of Taekwon-Do first (mostly teaching, so not too hard) then headed straight for the gym to get some lifting done. Was extremely short on time, so did the lifts only this time, no auxilliary stuff.

Squats: 1x10x20 – 2x5x40 – 1x5x50 – 5x5x60kg – YAY! Big Plates(tm)

Bench Press: 1x10x20 – 2x5x40 – 5x5x50kg – Ok

Went a bit short on the warmups so the first work sets felt heavier than the last. I hate having to hurry in the gym.

Tuesday Feb 24. Stronglifts #18

No stress today, so back to the regular warmup. 5 minutes elliptical, hip and glute exercises. A bit of power cleaning and overhead squatting. Once again I credit the overhead squat for my strong form and good depth on the regular squats. Recommended.

Squats: 1x10x20 – 2x5x40 – 1x5x50 – 1x3x60 – 5x5x62.5kg – Heavier and heavier. I’m looking at a stall here soon, although it could be down to my diet, this week wasn’t all that good eating-wise.

Overhead Press: 1x10x20 – 1x5x30 – 1x5x32.5kg – 3x5x37.5kg – Quit after three sets due to back pain.

Deadlift: 1x10x20 – 1x5x60 – 1x5x70 – 1x5x80kg – Strangely there was no back pain on the deadlift. Felt good and went up easy.

Chins: 1-1-1 1×5 neg.

Plank: 3x30seconds. Didn’t feel like doing more.

Wednesday Feb 25. Taekwon-Do

Did all my patterns and focused a bit extra on Joong-Gun and Toi-Gye. Worked up quite a sweat too. Also worked extra on getting the correct height on punches. I’m going for a grading at the end of march and this stuff needs to be down pat.

Oh, and I did the 360deg jump in Chong-Moo nearly perfect.

Thursday Feb 26. Stronglifts #19

Same warmup as last time, although I put in some of Brad’s infamous halos to work the shoulders a bit extra.

Squats: 1x5x20 – 1x5x40 -1x5x50 – 1x3x60 – 5x5x65kg – Good stuff

Bench Press: 1x10x20 – 1x5x30 – 1x5x40 – 1x3x50 – 5x5x52.5kg – Getting heavy

Inverted Rows: 9-6-2

Push ups: 11-4-3 – knuckles as always.

Reverse Crunches: 2×12/5kg counter – 1×8 no counter.

Friday Feb 27. Taekwon-Do

Did about 45 minutes of patterns going hard and working up a decent pool of sweat. Excellent dynamic even if I do say so myself. Need to keep focus though, when I go hard I have a tendency of starting one pattern and slipping into another without noticing until the end.

Sunday Mar 1.

Wifes birthday.

Monday Mar 2. Stronglifts #20

5 minutes on the rower, no hamstring pain, YAY! Regular stuff for the rest of the warmup.

Squats: 1x10x20 – 1x5x40 – 1x5x50 – 1x5x60 – 5x5x67.5kg – This felt really heavy. Wasn’t too happy with my form either.

Overhead Press: 1x10x20 – 1x5x30 – 2x3x35 – 5x5x37.5kg – Third time’s the charm. Never thought I would get this up, but it seems the glute activation stuff is working, because this time I actually felt I got some help from that  body part as well.

Deadlift: 1x10x20 – 1x5x60 – 1x5x70 – 1x3x80 – 1x5x85kg – Ok. I can go heavier on this, but forearms and grip will probably give in first.

Chins: 2-2-1-1-2-1 – Weeee…

Plank: Bah, didn’t feel like it, so I did  Ab wheel rollouts instead. Kneeling and fumbling and looking like a giraffe caught in syrup, but got through 5×5.

Tuesday Mar 3. Taekwon-Do

Patterns again. Full power no mercy and a bucket of sweat. Drew a bit of a crowd at the gym too, which always makes me go a bit harder 🙂

Since the hamstring is healing nicely I might start doing some kicking drills soon.

So that was a monster update. WordPress clocks me in at just over 600 words, but it feels more like 6000.

Stronglifts #16

Took an extra rest day, as I went to a Taekwondo class on tuesday night that was rather more taxing than I expected. I really felt it wednesday, and thursday was only slightly better. Did an easy session of TKD forms and light stretching thursday which felt good. Hamstring is behaving itself well, so it’s clean clear to Flag Town.

Today was a cold day, so I spent plenty time warming up. Beginning to enjoy the elliptical, at least it’s a lot better than the treadmill. I still want to go back to the C2 though.

WU: 5 min elliptical, hip/glute/squat stretches. Romanina deadlifts and hang cleans w bar. Overhead squats – I love these, fantastic stretch.

Squat: 1x10x20 – 2x5x40 – 1x5x50 – 1x3x52.5 – 5x5x57.5kg – Lousy form on the first work set improved for the next ones, but sort of collapsed again at the end. This was a workout! And woah, big plates next time!

Overhead Press: 1x10x20 – 1x5x30 – 1x5x35 – 37.5kg 5-5-4-4-5 – Sheesh, this was heavy! Second set every rep was a pain. Third set the first four rep were rather easy but the last one refused to go up. Same thing on the fourth. Fifth went well. Looking at some serious DOMS around the shoulder area tomorrow… This weight is going up next time.

Deadlift: 1x10x20 – 1x5x60 – 1x3x70 –  1x5x75kg – Ok. Good form as well. Had somebody watch me on the 70kg warmup set and everything looked as good as it felt. Really happy about this.

Chin ups: 5×1 – No negatives, and the ohp probably interfered. No chance of a second rep on any of the attempts.

Plank: Miserable failure. Finished one set of 40 seconds then collapsed halfway through the second. Thought f**k it and hit the showers.